Day 4

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Fri 18 Apr 2014 15:54
We are all feeling tired and only day 4. It's exhausting moving around, with
the boat on a constant heel and then crashing into the waves. Every so often
a big 'growler' hits the side and cascades water over the cockpit. It's
still reasonable warm, so we just try and dodge out of the way, but in time
we will need warm weather gear and will definitely not want to get a
soaking. A bird flew up to the boat this morning, not sure what kind, and
hover over us as if trying to land. It made a couple of attempts on the
wildly rocking satellite dome but gave up, and then just hovered there for
several minutes, almost within touching distance. It's piercing eye was just
looking at us, almost as if it was trying to communicate.....yes we are both
out here on the ocean but I am in my element.... We felt a strange
This is Sussanne writing now: Today is Andrew's birthday and if I remember
correctly we were at sea last year for this special day, heading for the
Tuamoto islands in the Pacific. The seas were a lot calmer then, so we could
celebrate to an extent, but not here. He will have to make do with a cup of
tea and a biscuit from the tin. Lets hope they haven't gone stale.