Day 12

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Fri 7 Feb 2014 11:38
Lat 13:24.5S Long 36:00.3W
We have spotted a few more ships over the past 24 hours. We must be entering
the shipping lanes, crossing those who have rounded Cape Horn and destined
for Europe. Our AIS (Auto Identification System) systems have failed which
means we get little warning of nearby vessels until we see them and if we
are on a collision course, surprisingly likely, despite being in such a huge
expanse of water, it can make it a little tense.
For the last two nights we have had a night visitor. A bedraggled bird, not
sure what kind and not really looking like a sea bird, has appeared at dusk
and settled on the boat. It's stayed there until dawn and then off, only to
reappear the next night. It looked exhausted, probable off course on a long
The end of passage is in sight. We're gliding along with an ETA of 8am