Day 6

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Sun 20 Apr 2014 19:29
Lat 29:39.0N Long 56:28.1W
How quickly things change at sea. At last the squalls have gone, the sun is
shining and the winds have eased and also veered so we can now sail in some
comfort and point directly towards the Azores. Well strictly speaking that's
not true. Pointing directly at the Azores would not in fact be the shortest
way. We are taking the 'Great Circle' route, which has us heading seemingly
way north of where we want to be and then gradually our course changes
until, hopefully, we arrive, 1500 miles later. Sussanne appeared at 7 this
morning with a smile, as she had slept and hadn't been thrown around all
night. We have been able to get the boat back in some order, walk the deck
and check the rigging. Everything is encrusted with salt. Every few hours we
have to scrape it off the display screen in the cockpit and Sussanne even
decided to wash off the salt encrusted cockpit cushions whilst the seas were
flat. Since we left, it's been difficult preparing any food, but today,
Easter Day, it's roast lamb which has been in the freezer since Australia.
The calm weather is forecast to last until Wednesday.

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