And on to South Africa

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Wed 20 Nov 2013 05:15
We have spent 10 days in La Reunion a lot longer than we normally stay in
one place. It has been a chance to unwind completely and get ourselves
ready for the leg to South Africa which is supposed to be a challenge. The
boat has had her health check....the sail is repaired, the rigging checked
by a rigger, the strands on the baby stay have been replaced, engine and
generator serviced, so we are ready to go. By the way still no word on our
mystery piece of metal!
Oliver arrived late last night, with a bag full of spare parts and treats
from the English supermarkets. We left the dock at first light this morning
motored for the first few hours and then when the wind picked up later in
the morning, hoisted the cruising chute and sailed comfortably for the rest
of the day. As night approached we changed to traditional sails and now all
quite aboard, Andrew and Oliver are sleeping and I'm back in watch routine.