The day that never was

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Wed 29 May 2013 03:31
Lat 18:33.2S Long 172:56.5W
Crossed the International Date Line this evening so Monday turned into
Wednesday and May 29th did not exist in our lives. Seems strange for a date
not to exist. It seems much more personal on a small boat when days go by
slowly and each day we can see dawn becoming a little later as we sail west.
Each hour or two we record our latitude and longitude in the log book and
then suddenly we have to skip a whole day. This is day 8 on our passage from
Bora Bora and since leaving, have seen no boats or planes, just endless sea
and sky. We are hoping to see land in the morning. If not, we're lost.
Caught a wahoo yesterday which was a welcome break, so enjoyed sashimi for
lunch and a spicy curry this evening