Day 10

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Thu 31 Oct 2013 12:06
Our rapid progress across the ocean continued all night. Thankfully the
enormous waves slowly subsided which meant it was a little more comfortable
to sleep and the morning brought with it a bright blue sky and lots more
sunshine. It's amazing how you take that ball of yellow in the sky for
granted. The daily inspection of the deck and sails showed a tear in the top
of the head sail, so we have had to reef down to avoid further damage until
we can get our needle and thread out next time we are at anchor. It will be
a challenge, rather like trying to sew into elephant hide. We know one of
the other boats has a sewing machine so we will try and borrow that when we
are next together and complete the task properly. Fresh fruit and veg is
starting to get low. Time to soak some prunes.