24 Hours in a washing machine

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Thu 17 Jan 2013 21:44
The coast around the northern tip of Colombia is known for strong winds and
uncomfortable seas so we had set a course to keep us about 100 miles off
until we needed to turn south for Cartagena. We saw a distinct change in the
colour of the water, from dark ocean blue to light blue, almost a distinct
line and as we crossed it the seas and wind built. By that night it felt as
if we were inside a washing machine, with the occasional spin cycle thrown
in. It was wild, everything crashing around and every few minutes a rogue
wave would hit from the side reverberate throughout the boat. No moon, so
from the cockpit just blackness, a bit like riding a wild horse blindfolded,
but having to keep a lookout and periodically check the charts and radar. A
couple of times Sussanne was lifted clear off her berth into the air and
thrown onto the floor. By dawn, as we came into the protection of land the
wind eased, and we came into the protection of Cartagena. All calmness.