Day 10

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Thu 28 Nov 2013 15:12
Lat 29:19.6S Long 032:40.3E
I was woken last night at 4 am by Sussanne talking by VHF to the captain of
an Indian bound cargo ship, who seemed to be planning to run us down in a
head to head collision. He said he couldn't see us on his radar but then all
smiles, he spotted us and was happy to move away to the north to give us
plenty of searoom. I took over at 5, Sussanne went back to her bunk and I
sat up in the cockpit, sheltering from the rain and wind behind the
sprayhood. It's a favourite time for me. It's a time to think. Watching the
faintest hint of grey light appear in the east, mug of tea in hand, as the
waves and surf sweep under the boat. How insignificant we are in the great
ocean and how little stands between us and the unthinkable.
Yesterday we spent a few hours preparing the boat for the possibility of
very heavy weather and swell. The cruising chute, which is usually tied in
its bag forward of mast, was brought below, extra lines coiled and stowed,
the flag pole and fishing rod are safely inside the cabin. everything that
could create extra windage removed. Just 100 miles to go to Durban, we
should arrive in the early hours of Friday, probably shaken and stirred.