Day 10

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Thu 23 Jan 2014 09:08
Lat 19:01.4s Long 02:39.8W
At last if feels like the tropics again. I came on watch at 0600, drizzle
and grey clouds, but by mid morning it had all blown away, the temperature
started to rise and blue sky. Changed our ships clock to GMT so we are back
on British time.
Seen virtually no sea life since we left. Are the oceans being fished out.
Tom has been reading Moby Dick and the sketch in the book shows the whaling
boat traversing the South Atlantic, even visiting St Helena, on a similar
course to us, hunting the whales. They would have a very lean time today.
Speaking by radio to some of the other yachts making the passage, even
though we are spread out over 200,000 square miles of ocean, we all report
the same.