Pointing to Colombia

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Mon 14 Jan 2013 15:38
Lat 13:41.0N Long 72:29.0W
After a short overnight stop anchored by Green Island to the east of
Antigua, sailed over to Guadeloupe, anchored in the bay of the small village
of Dashaies for the night, went ashore for drinks and dinner and the next
day sailed down the west coast of Guadeloupe to Iles des Saintes. Most of
the trip was in flat waters, protected from the strong winds by the land,
but as we cleared the southern tip the wind and waves grew fierce and it
was an exhilarating 3 hours hanging on with water cascading over the whole
boat. The Iles are an interesting anachronism in the Caribbean. Part of
Guadeloupe and so part of France.....and the EC. Euros are the currency.
Sugar cane was never introduced as it is too small and hilly so slaves were
never imported and the land was settled by poor Breton farmers. Even today
the people are light skinned and blue eyed, speaking French. We took a
mooring buoy in the bay and within half an hour a boat arrived asking if we
would like to order bread for the morning. Four baguettes and croissant were
delivered to the boat 7:30 next morning.
We were now ready for the next big crossing, destination Cartagena,
Colombia. It should take about 7 days. Colombia.........mmmmm......famous
for things other than a sailing destination. The town of Cartagena is
reportedly the most Spanish in South America and the original port developed
by the Conquistadores.
Now on Day 4 and I'm tired of the constant rolling which makes eating,
sleeping, cooking a battle. Had a good day fishing yesterday, within a
couple of hours caught a 10 pound wahoo, a king fish and a Dorado. The
doardo must be the most brilliant fish in the sea, shimmering green and
gold. Lunch was ceviche, the classic south American raw fish marinaded in
lime juice and olive oil , then dinner of baked Dorado with ginger, garlic,
chillies, sesame oil and soy. We rounded the northern headland of Colombia,
150 miles off this morning, turned more south, opened up the main sail and
are now shooting along making good progress. 48 hours to go.
Inquisitive.....and somewhat apprehensive as to what Colombia hold in store
for us