Day 5

Pearl of Persia
Andrew Lock
Fri 25 Oct 2013 06:20
Lat 15:51.3S Long 086:17.0E
By midnight the winds had all but disappeared, just enough to keep moving
and at first light, when I came on watch, we hoisted the big colourfull
spinnaker and picked up speed and now are moving along again. Each morning,
when light enough, I do a boat check, walking up to the bows, looking for
any little problems that may become big problems, tipping off the flying
fish that have landed during the night and before they get baked by the sun.
This morning I also found something else. A five inch long aluminium
extrusion that has fallen from somewhere and was lying on the deck. Quite
worrying. I can't identify it and it's just not safe or practical to go up
the mast when rolling in an ocean swell, to have a look aloft. Is something
going to collapse any moment? Or jam at a critical moment? Everything is
going through my head.