Here comes the wind

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Thu 9 Jun 2011 02:35
03.00 the wind arrives with a howl in the rigging and 5 mins later we are underway. It feels as though it is the predicted Northerly F6 - a strong wind from directly behind where we want to go (H 5's)
We still have no wind instruments so we just set the Jib and no Main for the time being - we are already doing 6 kts directly towards the Azores.
It is a perfectly black night apart from the glow of our head torches and the compass light - no Moon or Stars - thick cloud cover. We will sail as we are until first light and we can further asses our options.
Back to our 2 hour watch system and Matt's asleep already as my turn first.
Off to the Azores, must dash,
K & M