Fix it and fly

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Fri 24 Jun 2011 19:49
43 19n : 19 9w
Excellent afternoon surfing with a spinnaker, the only trouble is that the autohelm cannot cope with it so we have to hand steer most of the time - great fun but very tiring. The debate at the moment is should we carry on all night ? - I'm the party pooper because I don't think we can.  We'll keep flying the kite until it starts to get dark and then switch to white sails for the night, the breeze is due to veer over night any how and we can cope with that better with white sails than trying to gybe the spinnaker (complex manoeuvre to switch the sail to the other side of the boat - normally take about 4 people !) 
Wild life spotted today - two Turtles, a Flying fish and an oil drum !
We found movement in the rudder bearings again this evening which we dealt with but also noticed the autohelm mountings had cracked and the hydraulic ram was working its self free. Within half an hour we had made a bracket out of some stainless steel that I've been meaning to throw away for ages and screwed it in place - its now quite safe - very glad we noticed it though......
Matt prepared supper (yes HCC) and now he's on the helm again in his boxers and sea boots shouting with delight as he goes faster and faster surfing down the biggest waves he can find - he is loving it ! (I might just sneak a photo)
My turn to helm......
K & M x