beating to windward

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Fri 10 Jun 2011 23:44
40 10n : 21 45w
Making excellent progress towards W end of Sao Miguel we are beating to windward in 25 - 30kts of breeze with accompanying rough sea state. Lots of air time and crash landings but Merlin is made of strong far....
We have tacked a couple of times as the wind has shifted direction, Matt making the last call quite inconveniently as I was in a deep sleep has put us on a near perfect course. We had been imagining outrageously long tacks across our route as the wind is coming from where we want to go but we have been lucky so far as we start the last push to the finish.
Both sets of navigation lights are on the blink (literally) so most of the time we are driving with no lights on - fortunately not too many people are out this evening.  
Back to the ride.....
K & M x