Another oops moment

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Wed 22 Jun 2011 22:20
40 19n : 25 14w
So there we were eating our supper out on deck, on a beam reach (wind 90* to boat)with Spinnaker set (big sail at front of boat, makes you go fast) Merlin flying along and we feeling very pleased with ourselves. The auto pilot was coping quite nicely even though we knew we were on the edge...... A few gusts later, supper abandoned, boat trying to broach (when boat overpowered swerves to one side and tries to spit dummy out - two dummies in this case)
A few seconds later Matt is at the bow to spike (release) the front end of the spinnaker. Boat stands back up and we both pull in the deflated sail and stuff it unceremoniously in the galley. Jib goes back up and we are off again. Breeze has increased substantially and we are still doing over 8kts -safely
Supper resumed,
K & M x