Continental Shelf

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Tue 28 Jun 2011 03:53
48 34n : 9 17w
A large school of Dolphins showed up to escort us on to the Continental shelf, leaping out of our bow wave three at a time and filling the cabin with their sounds as they speeded passed. They were so close I could occasionally hear them clear their blow-holes and take a breath. Merlin was sailing along wonderfully well at 7.5kts but the wind was rising steadily and I was thinking of putting a reef in the Main sail. I was also keeping a sharp lookout for fishing boats.
Just then dead ahead I saw three red lights in a vertical line - an unusual navigational sign for these waters as it means the vessel showing the lights is constrained by her draught in her ability to manoeuvre. We were in 190m of water so that must be something very big - it was - it was the moon rising behind some clouds ! Quite obvious a minute or two later..... We put in the reef, Matt had a good chuckle and went back to bed.
No fishing boats and its nearly dawn and time for my bed....
K & M x