A perfect day

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Fri 10 Jun 2011 00:36
41 3.8n : 20 27.9w
An excellent day and only half way through, 79.5 miles travelled so far and all directly towards our destination. 
The weather forecast suggests the breeze that has powered our progress this afternoon will die away around now (01.00) It has certainly decreased but we are still managing about 4.5kts. It should redevelop as a head wind in a few hours time and during this transition it will annoyingly dance around coming from all directions and that coupled with the swell makes for a frustrating few hours and all at a great time of day !
It is a beautiful night though and with a visible moon. A whole lot friendlier place than last nights inky black void. A pod of Dolphins briefly visited us this evening and I think we got a few shots of them leaping out of our bow wave. We are now in Whale country and it would be great to catch a glimpse of one before our trip is over.
After a brief discussion we decided on Hot Chicken Curry for last evenings supper so now we only have 24 cans of the stuff left- we do eat well. Matt is talking more and more about the meals he is to have next week - something tells me he's not yet convinced of the benefits of a least one square curry a day.....
Back to my sails, ta ta
K & M