A sail and a climb

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Sun 8 May 2011 07:43
Matt and I took Merlin out for a sail yesterday afternoon to put her through her paces and make sure all was working as it should be. We've had some work done to the Keel and a new Rudder fitted as the old one was dangerously corroded and may have snapped !
She was faster than ever an sailed beautifully, we did however notice that the wind direction indicator at the top of the mast was broken. Matt immediately knew that another mast climb was required and as I am too heavy for him to winch up the to the top the honour was to be his ! Great joy!
Once back on our mooring in Gosport Matt went up the mast and removed the broken instrument ready for a repeat performance today to fit its replacement today.
We are spending the rest of the day servicing the winches and checking through the 31 page document which details the standard of safety equipment required for a category 1 race such as the one to the Azores we are to do in June. An inspector will check that each of the 70 boats are up to spec before the start of the race.
Kevin Rolling