End day two

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Thu 23 Jun 2011 13:12
Day two completed and a very pleasing days run of 176.3nm and only 936nm to go !
41 19n : 23 8w
The weather is good and the breeze, up to 20kts much of the time is carrying us along nicely on a broad reach. On this point of sail greater stress is placed on the rudder and we noticed a few hours ago that the top bearing on the rudder stock had worked loose. We tightened up the bolts and alls well for now. We will keep a close eye on it every few hours and adjust when necessary. We had a similar problem on the last AZAB when Johnny and I had to tighten up the bolts every 6 hours. As long as we keep on top of it there should not be a problem.
We have just had lunch and sadly had to say goodbye to the last of the butter - it was more green than yellow.....
K & M x