Our lucky day

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Sun 26 Jun 2011 19:14
47 4n : 14 21w
Earlier we passed within 50m of a huge buoy that must have broken away from its mooring - if we'd hit it it could easily have sunk us ! It was partially submerged with an orange cylinder sticking up vertically 2m and a dome shaped body level with the water surface about 2m across.
Our instruments are again playing up but this time it looks like a software problem which we cannot fix. Its effecting the wind instruments and the log (Speedo) at the moment and we hope the auto helm which is part of the same system will stay functional. Not to worry though we only have 430nm to go.....
Good progress this afternoon in light winds which we expect to be fairly constant for the next few days. The barometer says rain is on its way and sure enough there are rain clouds ahead. Too cool on the sun deck for HCC supper so we had to eat inside for the first time. Matt insisted he needed something different tomorrow but I persuaded him that we'd have it just twice more and then he could have what he's been hallucinating about all week - Fish n chips.
Time for my first watch....
K & M x