Lets go surfing

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Thu 23 Jun 2011 18:07
41 39n : 22 27w
Great afternoon spent surfing - Matt achieved a speed of 13.4kts down a huge wave to take the prize - I hope you are reading this Natalie. I was trying to get some sleep at the time..... 
We have had up to 24kts of breeze this afternoon but now it's moderated and veered another 30* forcing us to track a little more easterly towards the rheum line. We are still making excellent progress and I believe we have even gained a few places on the Leaderboard.
Matt is just preparing supper, its a lovely evening outside and we are hoping for a little less excitement than last night - other than that of the HCC of course !
Rudder bearings still ok - GREAT JOY !
Mmm its ready...
K & M x