Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Wed 8 Jun 2011 10:29
43 5.5n : 16 58w
After three hours of drifting in a windless hole as a low pressure system moves over us we are finally on the move again - not fast and not really where we want to go but we are moving. The breeze should now increase during the day and come from a more accommodating direction. 
Matt took the opportunity of disposing of the last of the fresh food, cleaning the galley and himself. Although I'm not sure dry shampoo is meant for under arm use, he was pleased with the result and went on to use it on his head.
He has now started work on his bunk, we knew there was a water leak above him and his mattress has been socking wet for days (personally I can't see the problem when sleeping in foulweather gear but Matt has been constantly winging about it) He thinks he's found the hole and is now looking for some chewing gum.
Happy days - boat speed almost 5kts SSW and Georgie at the helm
K & M xx