Spinnaker wrap

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Sun 26 Jun 2011 00:53
45 47n : 16 2w
After a day and a half of flying a spinnaker without problem I decided the time had come to take it down just before midnight as the wind had started to veer and take us off course. I put my head down below to rouse Matt and looked up again and the spinnaker was wrapped around the forestay (not good !) It took Matt 15 minutes on the foredeck before the mess was sorted out and the sail in its cage.
We are expecting a 60* change in wind direction before dawn and we need to be alert to take advantage of it. At the moment we have the Jib poled out to the side and the sails are thrashing about in little wind and a choppy sea - uniquely uncomfortable and slow !
We cannot complain though as we've had a great run this afternoon with the biggest seas we have seen so far - the swell was around 6m in height and quite breezy when on top but windless and sultry in the troughs. It was so hot on deck today that we both stayed inside as much as possible.
We did however manage our normal supper routine of HCC on the sun-deck !
There are a couple of yachts a few miles behind us, the first shipping we have seen all day cutting across to take a direct route to Falmouth. We are taking a more northerly route as I believe it will be faster with a better wind angle.....
K & M x