Matts bird

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Sat 25 Jun 2011 04:55
44 10n : 18 3w
One magical moment - About an hour before the sun went down last evening we were visited by the prettiest seabird I have seen. it was white with a long black beak and a forked tail. it circled the boat closely as if it were going to land - it did land on the coachroof next to Matt and then thought better of it and moved to a more secure perch at the back of the boat. It stayed for five minutes entertaining us and then flew of towards the sun.
We have flown a spinnaker all night (a first for either of us !). Speeding down invisible waves at up to 12kts is quite an experience. The breeze has eased a little now but we should be able to carry on running with it for most of today working our way further north.
The sun will be up soon and it looks like another hot sunny day on the Porcupine Abyssal Plain (the area below us)  
K & M x