Sao Miguel 70 nm to the east

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Sun 12 Jun 2011 19:27
37 48n : 23 37w
We have made our turn towards Sao Miguel just 70 nm to the east. The breeze as usual is not ideal and our best angle of attack puts us north of the island, however the breeze is predicted to back by 22* over night so as we follow it around we should be nearer our target to run down the south side. If our wind instruments were working they could tell the auto pilot to follow the wind automatically. As they are not we will have to watch for the shifts constantly to use there effect as soon as possible.
The breeze has just started to drop, as predicted so Matt is just on the foredeck hanking on our biggest Jib to increase our speed to hopefully 6kts.
The sea is calm for a change and we are looking forward to a pleasant nights sail......
K & M x