beautiful blue ocean

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Sun 12 Jun 2011 15:37
38 3n : 23 33w
Excellent progress this afternoon on a beautiful blue ocean we passed two Whales going the other way and two pods of Dolphins one with young paid us a visit before going on their way.
The lovely weather has allowed us to dry our clothes and bunks on deck for hopefully a more pleasant night of 2hrs on and 2 off watch. I do hope the good weather continues and certainly weather charts downloaded today and a steadily rising barometer would suggest this to be the case. I did however notice high level clouds called Mares Tails in the sky this morning which indicate a cold front and deteriorating forecasting is never an exact science as last nights unforeseen gale confirmed  
We will head south for another three hours putting us on the same latitude as Sao Miguel. We'll then tack through the SW breeze and head straight for the Island a further 70 miles to the west. All being well we should get out first view of the island at sunrise tomorrow.......Pressing on to the finish.
K & M