Day 5

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Sun 26 Jun 2011 12:59
46 43n : 15 4w
We again spent a sleepless night searching for breeze to keep the boat moving. At first light we finally found a constant 8kts blowing from the WNW - just enough to allow us to reach with our asymmetric spinnaker towards Falmouth at a pleasing 6kts ! We've been duelling with another boat all night but now we have left him in our wake. YESSSS!
There is a definite change in the weather as we progress north and our bunks once again feel damp but it is now a bright day with a calm sea.
The breeze has now risen to 13kts and over powered the asymmetric (euphemism for boat is on its side). Up went the Jib and five minutes of clawing at wildly thrashing sailcloth later the asymmetric was inside the boat and safe. No loss of speed or time and we are once again charging towards Falmouth. 
Not a huge days mileage because of the light airs earlier this morning but 150.1nm for day is still good.
Time for lunch.....
K & M x
PS. the other boat is now out of sight behind us.....