Filling Station

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Tue 7 Jun 2011 11:13
44 40n : 14 30w
We've needed to charge our batteries more frequently than anticipated so we pulled over for 10 mins to fill up the diesel tank from the cans in the boot - never an easy operation when the filler cap is level with the heaving deck and the occasional wave decides its one aim in life is to get in that tank.... Well I'm now covered in diesel but the tank is full and we calculate we have enough to reach the Azores (H 5's again)
I took the opportunity of having an all over baby-wipe wash and the first change of clothes. I suggested Matt may do the same but he sees no reason to rush in to such a decision but has promised to give it serious thought before the week is out.
The weather has moderated somewhat and we are now sailing with 1 reef in the main and small jib. The Barometer has risen sharply in the past few hours which means the weather will continue to improve but could also increase the breeze - we will see. Our boat speed is averaging 8kts with occasional 11kt surfs down the waves.
Almost at the end of our third day and getting better all the time.
Thank you all for your messages of support to merlin {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com very much appreciated.
Cheers, K, M & Merlin