Steady day

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Wed 8 Jun 2011 16:18
43 2n : 17 38w
A very steady day so far with good progress around the windless centre of a low pressure system that is crossing our way. The breeze on the other side that we should reach by midnight will be from the north F4 - F6 in strength, sending us directly on our way again - at speed !
We are catching up on our sleep now as we will have a busy time of it later on. I believe we also need a good square curry inside us however Fletcher Christian / Matt thinks otherwise and has threatened mutiny if we have curry every night. I have conceded on this occasion as harmony amongst the crew is paramount - especially as I would very much like Matt to do the return trip.... willingly !  
This scenario reminds me of the last return trip from the Azores 4 years ago with a good friend, Johnny. On the first morning out he asked what was for breakfast - a box of dates Johnny said I. A BOX OF DATES ?? said he, Yes, said I......after some thought.....he said, Well I'll have tomorrows breakfast today please, what have we then? A box of dates....said I.....  How many boxes of dates have you got ?.....20 said I......Surprisingly we are still good friends.
Must go now as Matt's just tried to hang himself from one of the lee cloths that hold us in our bunks.
Yours aye K & M
PS. Hi to all my BT friends, Mrs V keeps me up to date. Watch out for a Mugshot !