Day three

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Mon 6 Jun 2011 13:32
46 47n : 11 36w
At 13.00 today we had covered 333nm in two days - not bad at all (high 5's all round)
We have a changeable breeze at the moment requiring hourly sail changes to keep up the boat speed. The showers of this morning have passed to leave a beautiful day (not quite shorts n flip-flops though) Our plan is to keep north of the rheum line to allow for the westerly winds which are predicted later in the week.
Another satellite phone call to our man in Brixham has sorted our battery charging problems, I just wish we could fix the wind instruments too which are costing us miles every day. Not to worry though we are still here and having fun now the seasickness for both of us is passed - mostly over the side !
Must go Matt's calling for another sail change.......
K & M