Fiirst evening

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Tue 21 Jun 2011 20:33
38 27n : 26 2w
The weather has moderated and we are beating in to 14kts (AWS - for the technically minded) of breeze and are making 7kts boat speed. Our course is a little W of N (not ideal)but we expect the breeze to veer more round to the east and decrease over night as the area of high pressure moves E. Now our wind instruments are working the auto pilot will keep the boat sailing at the same angle to the wind and follow it round as it shifts. Several other boats are around us taking the same route so we'll be keeping a sharp lookout overnight.
We have just had our supper - yes you've guessed it - hot chicken curry..... This was Matt's suggestion and he also prepared it - he really is the perfect co-skipper !
We have started our watch system of 2 on and 2 off and Matt has just crashed out on a perfectly dry bunk (see how long that lasts). I did run round with some sealant a few days ago but I don't hold out much hope of stemming the flow for long.
I'm off to watch the sunset now x
K & M