A unique ordeal

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Sun 12 Jun 2011 04:13
38 55n : 23 16w
Gail force winds and mountainous seas have made this a night not to forget. With the added uncertainty of the rope repair to the boom made it a unique ordeal !
The repair has held out and the winds have decreased to manageable levels, however we are felt with a very confused sea which makes us slam in to waves that make the whole boat shudder. We are making way as best we can while trying to take care of the boat. Matt did mention some hours ago when we were looking for the least benefit of our situation - we are now within Helicopter rescue range !
We have both been up all night and are now taking it in turns to have an hour in a wet bunk. The moon has also had enough and gone to bed to leave a black night.
Tomorrow or rather today looks to be a lot better with regard to the weather, lets hope for many sailing miles for a change.....
K & M