Have you got a light

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Tue 7 Jun 2011 05:35
45 9n :13 42w
A grey overcast day break after a breezy night. We are still sailing under 2 reefs in our main sail and a small jib but still making between 7 - 10 kts boat speed. The wind veered about 30* yesterday evening forcing us a little east of where we wanted to be but it has now backed so we can resume our more westerly track.
Our navigation light failed during the night (main one at top of the mast) fortunately it decided to come on again when Matt, fearing another trip up the mast, said give it one more go - just shows the power of prayer !
We were hoping for warmer weather today as we have not taken our foul weather gear off once - even sleeping in it to prevent delay when we are needed on deck. We won't have much washing to do when we arrive.....
A little sleep for me now,
K & M