Dart South

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Mon 13 Jun 2011 01:29
37 46n :24 6w
Its a lovely moonlit evening with a calm sea and a good breeze. We are making excellent progress west but Matt recognised we should dart further south before the breeze backed any more, giving us further to travel in the morning when we did get around to it. So for the next couple of hours we go south. The AIS collision alarm has just gone off alerting us to another ship within 5 miles of our proximity. Only the third time it has sounded since we have been on the deep ocean. Sure enough a tanker crossing our route a little ahead of us, thank goodness our reserve Navigation lights are working tonight for a change. 
This is the first night watch of the trip that we haven't had to ware foul weather kit and also as a mark of the relaxed feeling of trust I now have in Matt to run the boat alone the first real deep sleep I have allowed myself between watches requiring Matt to all but jump up and down on my chest to wake me up.
My best prediction (normally wildly inaccurate) is that we will cross the line later today in the early evening and the thought of having water on board for a shower - the first since we left over a week ago is just wonderful. Perhaps then swap a few stories of our adventure with the other crews already finished over a beer or two and then maybe a walk in to town for a curry !
K & M x