Mackeral sky

Kevin & Victoria Rolling
Fri 10 Jun 2011 06:30
40 50n : 20 48w
A beautiful sunrise and a classic Mackerel sky - indicating change is on the way. The ocean is as smooth as glass with a gentle swell, great shame were in a hurry and can't appreciate it. The diesel tank also requires a top up and this is a good opportunity - probably the last from the cans, I hope it is enough to get us there. We have our engine ticking over half of the time now just to keep our batteries topped up. 
We've had a frustrating night with puffs of wind from every direction but we have worked hard and the boat has not stopped. We are currently making 3kts on our desired course of 250*M but its been as low as 1kt at times. 
And so to the diesel and then porridge for breakfast (that's our favourite) when Matt rises and gets out of my bed....his is wet again....please don't ask......
Dam, speed down to 1kt !!!
K & M x