Gryphon II
Chris and Lorraine Marchant
Wed 6 Aug 2008 11:36
We have made it as far as London after some hard sailing to windward. The person who told me that, now I was retired,  I would never have to sail to windward again was wrong! I am sitting in the sun at the South Dock Marina drinking coffee. Toorrow we take a day off to go with Hattie to Kew....with hopefully decent weather. I expect the wind will turn to the east when we want to return down the Thames!
The boat is behaving well, with only little niggles to iron out so far. I have spent some time this a.m. palying with the Autohelm as it did not behav very well when we experimented with it on the way. I hope I have improved it as it will be vital on the long passages.