Heading for Home

Paul Huntley
Wed 10 Jun 2009 19:03

Libertad,Horta, Faial, Azores.

Hi to you all

We are all getting ready to leave Horta tomorrow morning; the weather has been bad since we arrived in Horta, with a continual stream of fronts and low pressure, whatever happened to the Azores High! All of the boats that arrived with us except one are still here waiting for a window in the weather to catch up with the rest of the fleet. Most yachts are headed for Lagos in southern Portugal, we are now heading straight for Falmouth, now a week behind our schedule having arrived three days late in Horta and delayed yet again we are not able to go to Sao Miguel which is 160 nm in the wrong direction to the south east, this is a disappointment to us all but that’s what sailing is all about.

I had some very good news today; my youngest daughter, Emily, has just completed her final year at university and has been awarded her degree, a B.A. Hons in Geography gaining a 2:1. She is working in Australia at present so we will have to wait a while to celebrate. Congratulations Emily, you worked very hard and deserve all your sucess.Please forgive a very proud Dad.

I have been busy today doing the final shop for the fresh meat, Lucien cooked up some mice into a meat sauce that can be made into Shepherd’s pie, Spaghetti bolognese,Lagsagne, and many other dishes that can be use with pasta or rice.

Mordecai has to leave Libertad in Horta, he hopes to catch a ferry to Sao Miguel tomorrow and then a flight to Lisbon and home to the U.S. He has had worries about his business at home since leaving Tortola and returned to home from Bermuda to sort things out but it appears things have now reached a crisis and he needs to return. We will have supper in the Bar du Sport as a farewell tonight.

Guy has just been speaking with his wife and tells me her mum has suffered a stroke and is in hospital in Burgess Hill, our thoughts are with you Marianne and hope your Mum will make a speedy and full recovery.

We have full tanks of fuel and water our batteries are charged and we have our clearance papers for Falmouth. I will keep you updated with blogs when the weather permits, we have a provisional date for our return to Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne of Sunday 28th June at around midday. I will update you all of any changes. If you would like to come down to the harbour and see us into our berth you would be most welcome, I am sure we could offer a cup of coffee or maybe something stronger if there is any left.

Well must away and get a shower before dinner.

Best wishes from the crew of Libertad Guy, Drew, Lucien, Mordecai and myself.