10% there!

Paul Huntley
Wed 26 Nov 2008 12:53
so after a stunning  first 24hrs covering 148 miles we have slowed down considerably with the wind dropping to between 8-11 knots we have been making between 3 and 5 knots unfortunately more often nearer the lower end of this, spending one night doing around 2.5knots only!! after this disappointing night of sailing we decided to put the engine on for a couple of hours shortly after this as i was cooking bacon and egg butty's there was a commotion from the aft deck, Bob had caught somthing, the commotion went on for a further 10mins whilst it was reeled in, but finally as paul and bob tried to land it they managed to lose it, however this was not the end of the fishing day as within 20 mins a second fish that was landed sucessfully!! followed shortly after by the third fish of the day a very annoyed dorardo as it was yellow all over which quickly faded once it had been dealt with. these were baked beautifully by Bob for a fish lunch. although the bit od motoring gve us a couple of hours at 6 knots it didn't keep our average speed up for too long and it has now dropped down to 4.6kts and after 3 day we've done 330 nm, so a little behind schedule but we are sure we will catch up shortly.
        so dispite the stories of the horible rolling motion so far there's nothing to complain about. although the wind has died it is beautifully sunny and there is plenty of good food so all in all everybody seems very happy. the watch system has been changed to single person watches for 2 hours which means that everybody is getting plenty of sleep now so that is inproving moral lots. as has a slight increase in the wind speed to 11kts means we are now making way at about 5kts, with bob trying to work out which lure works at 5kts rather than 6. so all in all everything going great, hopefully the next few days will bring us a few more knots of wind, but at the moment we a re being careful what we wish for as it is very pleasent and relaxing at the moment.
hope all are well.