Stranded on Mustique and Lambis Bar and Grill

Paul Huntley
Sun 8 Mar 2009 22:08
So we arrive in Mustique to be ripped off for our mooring - scenery was nice though....
First of all the mooring was over priced, then the dingy dock was a joke - and I mean a slab of concrete with a gap underneath so big you could get a small dingy under there, believe me we tried that one. Understandably Paul and Tim went off in the dingy  to find something better and left Kirsty, Sarah and I to wander the sands...
Sarah and I went for a walk and found a cool peice of beach for some arty photographry which was pretty cool - passed the time - took a pic of a big peice of reef sticking out the surf (back to that later).
Meanwhile Kirsty went and met the boys from the dock where they had to land in the end after being very clever and attaching two lines to the dingy to stop it from going under the ridiculous excuse for a dock. They promptly looked for the nearest bar to relax and enjoy the sunset, this was not to be. As soon as Sarah and I got back from our qt time - where we discovered a little Caribbean man on a bicycle just jump in to the seas crashing waves, have a swim around in a circle and then jump back on his bike and carry on riding (very random!) - we were all told to leave. No, Tim had not been rowdy enough to get us chucked out, the barman actually told us that there was a storm and therefore we were not safe to stay on the island - we had to leave immediately. Back to Libertad for a curry and a few beers then! So once we were all back on the boat the beers were cracked open - closely followed by a large crack of a small 'Moorings' (a boat hire fim) Katamaran which beached itself on the aforementioned reef sticking out of the surf - very dramatic.
Paul called in a pan pan (we all learnt that this means non life threatening incident) for the poor family who were calling on Channel 16 that they were taking on water and we heard nothing back. A little later a few dingy's turned up along with car headlights - the harbour master was on the radio sounding like he just woke up from a very deep sleep or was potentially still asleep. We heard the other boats moored asking the Katamaran to let them know if they needed any other assistance. Difficult for a small dingy to do anything though (which is all we had) as the reef was impossible to get near (the mooring that the family were going for was right next to it and there was no-one there to navigate them in). The storm was not near us - we just got rocked and rolled by the accompanying winds and what the islanders called a 'coastal surge' and the bay that we were moored in was not at all protected.
When we woke early this morning (around half 6) we went for a quick swim in the still rolling waves around Livertad, packed up and left for Union - which is a slight change in tack so that we can move on to Carracou tomorrow. This is to get the boat hauled out of the sea to clean her bottom (which is dirtier than Sarah's washing which she's doing in a bucket on the deck)! So after 4 hours sailing, not long enough in my opinion, we arrived in Union which is a much cooler place than Mustique and really feels like the Caribbean. As soon as we rocked up in Libertad, who is excellent at negotiating a natural reef harbour (or maybe that's Paul), we went for a beer at the bar that is attached to the dingy dock - excellent idea. Then for a walk to see the stunning views of the sea and surrounding islands, Petit Martinique; Mayreau, Palm Island and Petit St Vincent. After a few more arty photos and a quick fuel stop at Jennifer's (chips and fruit punch) we went back through Lambi's (which is what the bar on the dingy dock is called) to Libertad and we are just about to break out another rum punch before going to see a steel drum band at Lambi's, which I am really looking forward to. More time tomorrow to explore the rest of the island - from our quick walk today the amount of colour will seriously reduce the available disk space on my camera...
Back to the rum punch - sarah is making so I'm sure we'll all be in the Caribbean spirit pretty soon.
Love, Emma