Bequia - Admiralty Bay

Paul Huntley
Sat 7 Mar 2009 17:18
Bequia today, Admiralty Bay, then on to Mustique in a minute.
So far the day has consisted of lots of activity - which is great news for those of us who are missing the exercise!
This morning was an early one - I woke in a hammock looking through the sitting room hatch - great breeze up there may well break it out tonight as well. After a hearty breakfast cooked expertly by Sarah and Kirsty we took the dingy to Port Elizabeth and Kirsty, Tim and Paul went to get ice and water and sort out the customs things and Sarah and I went for a wander.
We found a very steep hill and decided this looked like a good idea, and spurred on by the cute goats bleating at us that looked like they used to be attached to something (with long scraggy peices of rope that were dragging behind them). We found at the top some great views across the bay and a place with a shelter and some old canons called Hamilton Point - this was a British lookout for the island in times gone by so when the troop of Americans arrived in an open top van we decided it was time to make a move.
As we walked down the hill again we found a beautiful little shop filled with lots of half completed pottery and had a look inside - there was absolutely no-one around so I went out to the work room and shouted hello and an old guy appeared and invited us into the back to look at some stuff he'd just pulled out the kiln - it was extremely hot but very pretty. We walked on a bit further and got offered money for my hat - the people here are so friendly and you have to speak to everyone you meet which is very refereshing after being in England where no-one notices each other.
We met up with Kirsty and Tim at the local veg market and got pestered for our order - Tim proudly claimed all three girls and we all ate some freshly chopped mangos, passion fruit, star fruit and papaya. Then I got a marriage proposal and we all bought some fruit and it was on to the next shop! This was definately more touristy and was full of shirts and necklaces and postcards - Kirsty wanted Tim to buy a shirt but he put his foot down and said he'd never wear it again - we walked on to the bakery and got some more stuff for lunch and all this time poor Paul was still in the customs office filling in triplicate forms for one stop, this afternoon Paul is looking again at the fridge and we are preparing to cook him an especially nice dinner and lace him with a good few cold beers tonight, after a good cup of tea and some more sailing, this is thirsty work!
Back to the shopping though, we had to dive in to the bay from the dock to swim to the boat and get the dingy that Paul had taken back after customs (we got diverted by bartering for some beer on the way back too). This was such a hardship of course as it is about 28 degrees, Kirsty stayed with the shopping and Tim, Sarah and I swam the 100 meters - just about right to cool us down. Then we met an oldish guy called Cori who took Sarah and for a wake boarding lesson - bit difficult and neither of us could stand up but his surfboard was awesome to kneel on holding on the rope - it was pretty rough for the Caribbean and therefore he wasn't surpirised we couldn't do the wake boarding, that's another invitation to meet up if we come back in the next 2 months though.
We're about to move now so best close up the hatches and get on to Mustique, hope all is well at home.
Lots of love,