In the Doldrums

Paul Huntley
Mon 11 May 2009 22:10
Hi to you all I thought I might share with you all the geographical spread of our blog readers, It seems we have a very international group, Past crew members and famlily in Melbourne and Ewan,s family in Geelong ,Australia,  Goodday to you all down under,Toronto ,Canada is another link to past crew. We now have several avid followers in Greenville ,South Carolina,you have a nice day you all.Links with the UK are the strongest from Helensborugh in Argyle Scotland,Hi Dave and Helen,to a group of post graduates from Lancaster, Drew send his best wishes, is Lancaster somewhere north of London? Guy has a big following at Eastbourne Lifeboat Station,hi Mark( Coxsain),Mark ( second mechanic),Dan( mechanic),Ian third Coxswain, Atlantic Dave,(Senior Helm) Dick, Mark, Muver( Second Coxswain),Paul (LOM) Mark,Paul (DLA), John,(DLA) Aidie (go save lives),Rod,Sue, (Keep that kettle boiling),Terry(LSSO) and all the rest of the crew,please pass on our best wishes to them at the next grew meeting and ofcourse the local Ambulance stations in and around Eastbourne, If they are all reading our blogs you may have to wait a while for these emergency services to respond ! Our friends from ULA are now back home waiting for the delivery crew to return her to her home port of Gosport so they can sail this summer  in home waters, greetings from all on Libertad to John and Jackie and family. We are also forging strong links with Paris, France,Luciens family are all  hooked waiting for the next episode Bonjour Simone, Happy birthday from us all on Libertad Celine, your dads doing great.My mate Chris in Horam Sussex has been making remarkable progress after a a serious piece of surgery,Hope the blogs are helping.Dave an Sue in Heathfild are also keen readers ,Dave will be joining us in Falmouth for the trip back to Eastbourne. get that bag packed Dave! Graham and Chris in Bath have been following our progress as have Pete and Gina in Devon.Ken and Margaret ,and ofcourse my family,Corrie,Sarah,Emily,Tim and Kirsty have all spent some time in the Caribbean on Libertad and are now following their own dreams.Emily is off to Australia again in a few weeks,Sarahs working with her first love,horses over the summer trying to chose a future carreer path.
We have now had more than two thousand hits so if I haven't mentioned you drop us a line on libertad (at)
We have been mototing for more than twenty four hours now with little of no wind, we hope that if the forecast is correct we may move through the front in to a south westerly air flow of  15/20 Knts.
We are closing on Bermuda with a e.t.a of sometime tomorrow evening, probably after dark, I am somewhat concerned the chart alongside  Bermuda has in large magenta letters AREA TO BE AVOIDED .Our skills at precise navigation will be tested to the limit with many off lying dangers in the form of reefs and wrecks, The entrance to St Georges Harbour is a narrow cut which the pilot warns should not be attempted unless you have made contact with Bermuda Radio who will assist with a radar plot.
With only a 170 nm to run we are all looking forward to a little shore leave before setting off on the longest leg to the Azorian islands some 1800 nm away.I will leave my next blog until we are in port  so until then
Best wishes to you all, Paul,Guy, and the crew of Libertad.