Guy in the BVI.s

Paul Huntley
Sat 2 May 2009 20:51

Well I’ve been here a week on Libertad and the weather that came from the UK with me seems to have gone away. Easterly winds of 25-30 knots and rain just like sailing back home, over the last couple of days the gentle trade winds have come back so this is what sailing the Caribbean all is about.

At the moment we are at Trellis bay waiting for the Atlantic crew to join us, Libertad seems to be bored with the Caribbean and wants to be on her way. It’s going to be strange saying goodbye to Ewan and Sarah after they have been on board for so long; LIbertad is going to feel lost without them.

Over the last week we’ve sailed round Tortola and adjacent Islands visiting places of interest and spent hours swimming why would I ever want to cross the Atlantic?

A couple of years ago I did a Biscay crossing on Libertad and after I had forgotten about the lack of sleep and the feeling of living in a washing machine for 5 days I suggested to Paul that maybe we could do a little trip to the Azores and back.

Paul being Paul went away and thought about it and came with the answer why go half way, so here I am waiting on the other side of the Atlantic to start the return leg to the UK