Paradise on earth, the British Virgin Islands

Paul Huntley
Sat 25 Apr 2009 02:12

18:26N 64:31W Friday 24th April 2009 Trellis Bay, Tortola B.V.I.'s

Hi to everyone out there and especially those that have e-mailed saying they are avid blog watchers. Sarah wrote the last one. I think it was more interesting and informative than mine, I will try a persuade her and Ewan to do some more for you.

Since the last blog we have been very relaxed, taking our time revisiting old haunts, harbours and anchorages.  From Cane Garden Bay on the west of Tortola, we sailed to Nanny Cay Marina on the south east side of the island for a little luxury and boy! was it good, the best marina in the B.V.I.s,We expected the normal cold showers with broken fittings and dripping taps, what a joy for the entire crew, there are beautifully appointed, with shower, wash basin and toilet in each spacious individual bathroom. The alongside berths are on finger pontoons with water and 220/240 or 110 volt electric shore power. The only downside was that Libertad carries most things including American power sockets but this only supplied 110 v I was told I could easily purchase a 220 v American plug at the chandlery, always happy to wander around a ships chandler, I soon located the required plug at a cost $155:00 each !!!! I think we will survive on 110 v.

Not only does this excellent marina have many bars and restaurants, it also boasts a large swimming pool with umbrellas, reclining chairs and a pool guard. Truly a five star marina, no wonder the ARC Europe decided to start from this location.

Our intention was to only stay one night but we decided an extra day would do us all good lazing by the pool chatting and reading books. We cooked our own dinners to save on cost and very good they were. Cooking the Red Snapper the Sarah acquired at the supermarket checkout, she decided that she could in all conscience not eat them so Ewan and I had one each.

Wednesday morning we are feeling a little guilty about the last two lazy days so we sailed for Road Town to collect the repaired Genoa and Main sail. Both were ready and deliver to our dinghy ( Doris) whilst I settled the bill. We needed a gas refill and this had proved difficult on our previous visit, so with renewed enthusiasm I found a gas depot that filled the English propane bottles. We went in to the massive harbour that contained more than 400 Sunsail and Mooring boats, the charter business must be suffering with so many boats in port.Libertad went alongside a spare berth and attracted some interest being a Hallberg Rassy amongst all the Beneteau's and Jeneau's, she remained dignified and aloof but obviously look upon these common charter yachts with some distain!

We had been told of a cash and carry that would be good to provision the boat for the return leg and Bookers eat your heart out, this was brand new, with shelves stacked with everything we would need.

Elated by this find we went shopping, just one hour later we hailed a taxi with $500:00 worth of groceries to fill the lockers. Sarah and Ewan listed all the products and where they were stowed. A very hot job in the heat of the day. Before departing the dock we had some well earned lunch and set the repaired Hood mainsail and let go the lines and putting to sea once again. Setting a course in a freshening NE 18/20 knot breeze for Cooper Island and Machioneel Bay, we picked up a buoy and quickly climbed in to Doris and went ashore. This palm fringe beach with gentle surf is everyone's dream island, and a short walk along the sand takes you to Cooper Island beach club and happy hour at the beachside bar. We settled down on comfy beach loungers with a half price  Pain Killer (rum punch) each to watch the most beautiful sunset with  Tortola as the backdrop.

Returning to Libertad before complete darkness, Ewan cooked his special burger dinner mmmmmmmmmmmm. The wind freshen after dark and rain clouds began to form in the East, with gust in excess of 20 kts the mooring buoy submerged by the 20 tons of Libertad pulling ,I was glad we were not laying to our anchor with the lee shore just a few yards away. The night continued to buffet us with a northerly roll giving us all only fitful sleep.

Today ,Friday the 24th we went ashore for an island walk but found at every turn Private notices restricting access to the island apart from a small section of beach, we felt deprived that ownership had prevented us exploring this potentially beautiful island.

Disappointed, we returned to Libertad, let go the mooring and set sail for Beef Island and Trellis Bay. Today we are to be joined by Guy Emery from Eastbourne; he will be the first mate on the return trip to the U.K.Arriving at Trellis Bay by 10:30 we set too for a big clean and sort out to ensure Guy would have a clean boat. Both Ewan and Sarah set too and cleaned everything in sight until she shinned, thanks guys.

Guy text me today telling me he had arrived in Antigua but his connecting flight would be about half an hour late, so we will be going ashore soon with just a short 3minute walk the terminal.

We will keep you posted over the next week as to our wanderings but until then

Very best wishes to you all.

Paul, Trellis Bay, and Tortola B.V.I.

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