Nicks view from the port hole

Paul Huntley
Wed 3 Dec 2008 11:19
We are often treated with a sunrise to match the previous night's sunset. The pinks and the turquoises turn to the bright orange glow coloured by the sands and dust of Africa. It burns like fire well before the sun rises over the dark continent. Like the deserts and plains which lie hundreds of miles to the east, the Atlantic ocean is it's own wilderness. Hour by hour, day by day Libertad determindly drives on through the ocean swell following in the wake of early explorers and merchant ships with their square riggs searching for the elusive trades and good fortune. Unlike the foot prints that betray man's trail in the desert sands, no evidence of their passing remains. Soon our own wake will disperse too, leaving this wilderness unspoilt for other mariners to discover. We may pass this way but only once, but to do so is our good fortune.