Pauls blog 11th August

Paul Huntley
Mon 11 Aug 2008 15:39
We left La Coruna /Fontana on Sunday morning after bunkering fuel and water We leave port in still conditions,low cloud and poor visibility for Camarinas.Ula, our companion yacht since Falmouth decided to keep going to Bayona over night.We docked in Camarinas at 19:00 and went ashore for a meal of fantastic fresh fish washed down with a couple of bottles of Riojca in the local hotel.Returning to Libertad after midnight we watched a DVD ( Fawlty Towers) and I fell asleep within the first five mins.We had decided on an early start to Bayona leaving a 8:00 am heading in to very large atlantic swell over three meters high.We set course down Spanish coast in very poor visibility and occasional rain showers, The barometer had fallen like a stone overnight by more than 10 millibars in less than twelve hours. I think it might be getting windy !Our passage plan included three diversions in the event of bad weather in to one of the numerous Rias.By 11:00  we were rounding Cape Finisterre which was shrouded in low cloud .Corrie tells me my blogs are to technical and do not include enough emotion ,so, Here goes,It's shit out here!!!!!, this is August in Spain,it is supposed to be sunny /hot/ calm/balmy evenings,anchoring off secluded bays for a BBQ what a joke.Yes we have diverted at around 13:00 , diving in to the Rias Muros to Portosin. The down wind leg we surfed at more than 9 kts off of 4 mtr waves,hope the brakes work! Looking for a soft landing, we came alongside a steel dutch yacht in the marina Portosin.The crew had work fast securing a midships line followed by fore and aft shore lines, we have arrived safe and sound.thats a relief.Nick, our new crew arrived today at Santiago de Compostella and caught a train to Vigo,He intends to come up to Portosin tomorrow after a night in a hotel.We will have to do a bit of cleaning before he arrives.Jake and Tim are now relaxing watching an episode of Porridge befor going ashore for a beer and a meal.Jake has already sent a blog today so I will try and pursuade Tim to add to these missives.
Best wishes Paul