The rum punches are flowing

Paul Huntley
Tue 23 Dec 2008 02:54
14:04.43N 60:56.96W
We made it ,crossing the finish line at 19:03 Local time on the16th December 2008. We were welcomed in with cheers from the other boats and fog horns sounding to be met on the dock by a guy playing a steel drum and someone giving us a massive basket of fresh fruit and an iced rum punchg each.We hardly had time to tie the boat up.
Going ashore for that long waited  steak and beer was that good ! Apart from the bar rocking it all seem very stange to be in bright lights with other people in a crowded noisy environment.
Sitting outside on the terrace at Scuttlebutts enjoying the .......... rum punch (localy called a pain killer) we met up with John and Jackie from Ula,they arrived on Sunday,we swopped stories of the trip until the early hours and staggered back to Libertad for a sleep of sleeps, no watches,no rocking,no noise,I kept waking up!
This morning I made my way with all the passports and ships papers to the Customs and immigration office to join the que With classic Caribbean relaxed attitude two hours later I emerged with five stamped passaports.
Dave's family arrived to have look at the boat and find their Dad,he was away at Scuttlebutts having breakfast with the rest of the crew so they had a cup of tea on board while I waited for the port control When Dave turned up  they all hid in the fore cabin and suprised him.
We have lots of work to do, cleaning from stem to stern,and the list of repairs and other jobs is growing by the minute,
Best wishes and a happy Christmas from Rodney Bay, St Lucia.