First night North

Paul Huntley
Fri 8 May 2009 21:01
21:29N 64:49 W A record run  of 172 n.m. noon to noon 7th 8th May for Libertad.
The downside to  this is that it has been a very rocky ride and several  crew have had serious sea sickness overnight and continuing today. They have resorted to most chemical remidies and several mechanical.The Ginger nut biscuits seem to help ,some  prefer Stugeron or similar.
It is now Friday 8th May at 20:00 UTC 21:00 BS for us at four hours behind we have a few more hours of  daylight.The weather forecast from Bruce in Australia tell us this strong easterly will decrease an go south east then south before we reach Bermuda.
Guy and I have a bet on guessing the arrival time.Lunch today consisted of shepherds pie cooked by Guy and very welcome it was as this was the first hot meal since leaving Nanny Cay.
Last night we were surounded by other yacts but today we have thined out and at the noon positions we were in the middle of the fleet,Corrie and Em, you would not like out here, It is similar to the day we sailed from Saba to St Martin only bigger seas.
Will try and blog when the weather moderates as the computer keeps trying to leap off the chart table
Best wishes from Paul and the crew of Libertad.