Libertad Jake's Blog 11th August 2008 Camarinas to Bayona

Paul Huntley
Mon 11 Aug 2008 08:25

42:59.06N 009:21.46W


The weather is still rubbish! It's still overcast with hardly any visibility, we can't see the coast line at the moment and we are beating into a force 4/5. The seas are no worse than yesterday though, so I guess that’s something, they can only get better.....maybe! We keep telling ourselves that south is the way to go and I still believe it, it’s only this cloud is following us down, maybe by the time we hit the equator there maybe some sun.


We spent yesterday in a nice little town called Camarinas which was a 58mile trip around the coast from A Coruna. It’s a very sheltered little spot with some gorgeous beaches opposite the marina (well i'm guessing they are when the sun is shining) We got into port at 7 and had some boat washing to do and then sent Tim up the mast to fetch a flag halyard which someone hadn't tied the flags on tight with, had to practice knots for hours yesterday by way of punishment. Was a bit of an effort working out which way the harness had to go on Tim, I think with our first effort he would have been dangling up the mast by his feet, probably not the best idea, but we eventually managed to sort it and rescue the halyard, what a relief.


After sorting out the computer, again, Paul sorted out our course for today and we headed out, in the wonderful Spanish rain, to find a restaurant. Was a nice little Hotel restaurant with good food, it was just a shame that the waitresses were miserable, but hey they probably aren't used to the rain and it may have been getting them down a little more than it would us. After a couple of bottle of wine, dumped elegantly on the table, we headed back to the boat for some Faulty Towers and then hit the hay ready for an early start today. 


It is now 10:10 and Paul is sitting in the cockpit catching some rays, I am writing this and Tim has assumed the normal position on my bunk and will probably sleep for the majority of the journey. We should get to Bayona by early evening and then we are going to take a few days rest, much earned I reckon. Nick should be coming to join us tomorrow and it'll be good to be back to a four man crew. If you are reading this Nick give us a call but Bayona is where we will be.


Hope you are all well and enjoying the blog



ps- still no luck with the fishing but the lure is out there now and hopefully we can catch something more edible than a seagull today for some nice fresh fish tonight.