Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Paul Huntley
Mon 20 Apr 2009 22:28
So here we are in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola - none of us had visited before so we thought we'd drop in and check the place out...
We left Norman Island -  the pirate island yesterday all of us feeling the few too many rum punches the night before! After a gentle saunter across the Sir Francis Drake Channel we dropped in quickly into Sopers Hole to top up the boat's water supply. With that out the way we headed across to Jost Van Dyke - Little Bay to be precise and revisited Cynthia in her bar Harris' Place. We tried to anchor but the wind was getting up and we ended up dragging a bit too much and Dad wasn't keen for Libertad to end up on the rocks so we gave in and went for the soft option of mooring! A lazy afternoon of book reading, DVD watching and swimming (along with Ewan spotting 2 turtles - that swiftly disapeared into the depths when we jumped in with snorkels on to get a better look - typical!! ) we headed ashore in a slightly deflated Doris (her bow has a leak...) and investigated the Jost Van Dyke 'Happy Hour' - which seemed to be pretty non-existent... At the second bar we tried  - Cynthia was nowhere to be found...(complete with hundreds of old t-shirts hanging from the ceiling) we came across a self-service bar....was a bit odd just to go behind this bar and help ourselves from their fridges - bit of a novelty to us westerners I think!  Dinner was expertly cooked by the captain himself, lasagne with homemade garlic bread - thanks Dad! After a few episodes of Faulty Towers it was time for bed - o what an exciting / hard life we live out here onboard Libertad!
This morning we were up at the crack of sparrows and decided to go for a walk around to Great Bay before the sun got too hot and we forgot how to use our legs - honestly walking from the galley to the cockpit seems to be enough these days! Half an hour later we arrived and attempted to find the bakery (Cynthia's recommendation) for a spot of brekkie or a loaf of bread for lunch. We found the bakery although the staff were less than keen to sell us anything "come back in an hour for bread" was their gruff reply! After a surveillance of the menu handily printed and stuck on the wall, Dad ordered a bacon and egg sarnie....After what can only be described as a look of surprise / disgust / outrage we were told that this would not be possible, only in not so many words - a curt "no" seemed to suffice with no explanation...Dad decided to stick to a juice - he's watching his figure so i'm told! I'm sure a training course on Customer Service or Business Accumen would not go amiss! Once back in Little Bay after this adventure we had a fry up (diet apparantly gone out the window eh Dad?!) and set off for our next destination.
We had a good sail across to Cane Garden Bay - it's all a bit more civilised here on the mainland! We headed ashore, and as I got off Doris (the dinghy) I managed to fall though the jetty - a plank was missing! Ended up with a few grazes but could have been a lot worse - imagine it at night, so dangerous but typical Caribbean! Once ashore we investigated the small town and found a suitable bar for a drink. A spot of shopping was called for and leaving the supermarket it seems I managed to pick up someone else's shopping bag that was left at the end of the conveyor...once back on board we discovered we had aquired an extra lettuce, a box of cooked chicken and two red snapper! So someone is going hungry tonight without their shopping! But for us definately the catch of the day!
Right so I thinks that's everything up til now - looking forward to our novelty dinner!
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