Libertad Jake's Blog 8thi August 2008 Biscay Crossing

Paul Huntley
Fri 8 Aug 2008 08:53
Bay of Biscay - 46:02.07N 004:44.97W
Morning all,
Since my last full blog, loads has happened as Paul has been writing and now we have set sail for spain and it is all very exciting!
I just came off my third watch of the night and its nice and sunny; the sea is still pretty rocky, but not as bad as it was yesterday. Paul and I checked the weather forecast and they were forecasting force 6 till about 8 pm with moderate seas, and they were quite wrong. We ended up with force 6/7 with about 4 metre seas, which was pretty ridiculous, for the whole day and it only started to quiet down in the evening. The only thing to make it more enjoyable was a pod of dolphins came and played for over an hour. I took the first watch which was 8-10 and when I got off my break at 2 the sky was full of stars and the seas had moderated considerably! I have to say how amazing it is at sea at night with the smallest amount of light pollution from the boat and the plankton lighting up the wake of the boat, it really is amazing. The channel crossing was so miserable that last night really made up for it.
Tim and I were talking with a guy on the pontoon yesterday who owns a Hallberg Rassey 48, absolutely amazing boat. He gave us a tuna lure for the boat as we had expressed our interest in some game fishing, so we are gonna trail the lure behind the boat today and fingers crossed we can catch something mammoth. Although we may end up with a rather big space problem, we will have to see.
Loctudy was a really nice little port to spend a couple of days in, had a really nice diner the first night. Then Tim, Laura and I tried our hand at crab and mackerel fishing, which I would say wasn't too successful due to the fact that all we caught were three sea snails who were clinging onto our bait.......
We are gonna try again in spain and hopefully we can be a little more successful. Apparently peeler crabs are great bait for fishing, so we're gonna have to get on it!
So its 10:50 here french/spanish time, we left yesterday at 12 and should get to our destination sometime tomorrow, depending on where we are going we are going to have to see where the weather takes us.
Hope everyone is well